Adam Milton Wilder


          Having completed my education right before the introduction of digital photography into the fine art curriculum I am part of the last generation of image makers raised solely in the traditional techniques. For my own work I still work in this medium but have embraced the myriad of digital techniques, in both shooting and printing, as the technology has advanced rapidly over the years. I spent the height of this rapid development working at Service Photo where I was responsible for keeping abreast of every advance in digital photography and was expected to be knowledgeable concerning the use of the ever changing equipment.

Before digital photography took over the professional market I was an expert printer working in New York with the best fashion and fine art photographers such as Annie Leibowtz, Kiki Smith and Joel Sternfeld to name a few. I have spent the last few years as a manager in MICA’s photo department where my duties included everything from mixing traditional color and black and white chemistries, maintaining both the traditional and digital cameras and printers and scanners, management of our photo studio, acting as an onsite teaching assistant to creating and maintaining the department’s blog, collecting and organizing the archive of students work and collecting and cataloguing the achievements of both present students and alumni for the yearly report for the department. Although in some ways this was an ideal job I found I really missed using my skills in a professional environment where I wasn’t just maintaining facilities, but as active participant in the production of work.

I have been shooting for 25 years and have used every type of camera at one point or another. My time as a salesman at Service Photo gave me the opportunity and responsibility to familiarize myself with all cameras from the cheapest point and shoot to the professional level DSLRs as well as studio lights, accessories and printers. I have been using Photoshop for 15 years and for my duties as MICA Photo’s archivist and social media manager I have taught myself Lightroom to edit and organize the vast amount of images the department produced.

My resume will reflect that I have focused my professional career as a printer and lab tech but I have been shooting my entire life. I am basically self taught, never taken any classes in digital photography, lighting or Photoshop, but photography is all I have ever done my entire life. The disadvantage of this is that there are deficiencies in my knowledge but it also means that I am a quick learner who is always looking for new skills and used to solving problems on my own. I believe I can offer a lot to your company and that my skills could be useful to you not just as a photographer but also to the myriad of other services your company offers.

“The reproductions prints necessary for this book and the large Exhibition prints seen at SFMOMA were made at Exhibition Prints, New York City. I am indebted to Bruce Fizzell, President, and Indira Wiegand, Manager, and above all to Adam Wilder, whose tireless and exacting contribution was absolutely essential.”

-Joel Sternfeld, Stranger Passing


Sarah Lawrence College                                  Bronxville, NY                                1992-1996

BFA in Photography


Work Experience


Maryland Institute College of Art                   Baltimore, MD                               2011-2014                                                   I was the night manager in the MICA photo department and my responsibilities included everything from maintaining the facilities, aiding the teachers and students with their work to administrative tasks such as developing and maintaining the departments social media.


Service Photo                                                    Baltimore, MD                                2006-2011                                                    I was employed at one of Baltimore’s last professional photographic resources where I worked in sales and was expected to be knowledgeable and keep abreast of not only the latest in digital photography, studio lighting and printing but also traditional photographic equipment and techniques.


Artogaphy Labs                                                 Baltimore, MD                               2003-2006

My duties included processing film, scanning and printing in this landmark photography lab. I worked with the Noritsu 3101 digital scanner which used a laser to expose traditional color paper and processed it through RA-4 chemistry.


Wilderphoto                                                        New York, NY                                1998-2001

I worked closely as a personal freelance printer with a select group of fine art and fashion photographers who specialized in large format and mural printing, and assisted them on both artistic and technical levels.


The Photomechanics                                         New York, NY                                1999-2001

Worked as a color specialist in charge of print and image quality for this digital consulting firm. Together with Hensel Lights and Eyelike Digital Cameras we maintained a studio for classes, rentals and demonstrations of the emerging digital technologies.


Exhibition Prints                                                 New York, NY                               1998-2001

I worked as a lab technician and printer for fine art and fashion photographers in this boutique printing firm. I specialized in long term projects and large format mural printing for this companies most demanding clients.


Joel Sternfeld                                                     New York, NY                                 1998-2001

Undertook the responsibility of organizing and printing the master templates for this renowned photographer’s book “Stranger Passing” and printed the 65 mural prints for his solo show at The San Francisco Museum of Modern art in 2001. During this time I was also was responsible for processing and printing his work “The High Line” as well as many other projects.


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